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Key FastenersKey Fasteners offers over 20 years experience in supply and solution methods for a diverse range of industries including rail, renewables, medical and general manufacturing.

We partner with leading manufacturers and suppliers to offer a complete procurement solution for both consumables and fasteners.

Key Fasteners can assess your company's requirements and advise on suitable solutions for specific applications and the way in which product is supplied. With a product range that includes rail nuts and Philidas nuts we will work with you to understand what suits you best and tailor our service to meet your needs.

If you want bar coded supply to point of use we can do it. If you want a bin top up system we can install and replenish it for you. If you want us to supply parts used for a particular application in kit form so your staff have all the right products at their finger tips then we can do this.

You might want to consider a state of the art vending solution for your tools and consumables which monitors usage in real time. If you prefer traditional supply into stores then we can deliver.


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  • If you prefer more conventional supply methods we can supply consumables in bar coded stock cabinets and fasteners in bin systems. 1 day ago
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" Key Rail suggested supplying all the parts needed for our bearing change project in kit form. Over thirty parts are pre-packed by Key Rail and delivered direct to site. Our fitters have all the parts they need to do the job right there. We have not had to set up stores, pick product or issue it, saving us time and money. "

Stores and services manager, South Eastern

" Bombardier has a long standing relationship with Key Rail. Our most recent, innovative project with Key Rail has been the supply of CCTV and Passenger Information Systems for 465 units. Bombardier orders the stock but it is delivered direct to Key Rail who then prepare kits and deliver them to site. We know Key rail are reliable and will deliver the right product on time. "

Commodity buyer, Bombardier

" Key has worked with us over the last year to develop a solution to our anti-graffiti film issues. They have set up a reliable process to assure the cost effective supply of all the pre cut film for our 455 and 458 units. This has enabled us to reduce overheads and put into effect more stringent controls and accountability procedures. "

Materials Manager, South West

" J. Lanfranco have been supplying slotted locknuts for use in the most extreme service conditions for 35 years. However, there has been a resistance to change within the rail industry and specified nuts have been insisted upon. When a particular specified nut was simply unavailable, Key Rail took the initiative and offered our ESL nuts as the perfect alternative for Bombardier. This "can do" approach solved a real problem. "

President, J. Lanfranco

" 3M has enjoyed a great working relationship with Key Rail for eight years now. When a train operator had an issue with leaking cabs on their 455 fleet I had no hesitation in recommending Key Rail to supply 3M product to solve the problem. "

Market Development Manager, 3M

" As discussed today, I asked my team to give me some feedback with regards to the twin systems we have in place, and also other ad hoc demands we have. Here are the comments I received. The transfer of 2bin supply from Anixter was very slick. No issues at all, very easy to deal with. The only feedback I have is positive, Key are always happy to help and do anything they can to assist me with any issues I have. "

Project Materials Manager, LSER Electrostar
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